Dark Horse Comics' Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1. This is the first issue of the new ongoing which kicks off Season 8 of the seminal cult classic TV show. It's written by show creator/mad genius Joss Whedon and is a must have for the Buffy-verse afficionado.

While not too much goes on in this issue, other than establishing where most of the members of the Scooby gang are following the close of the UPN nee WB TV series, it does immediately bring back the classic feel of the show: snappy dialogue, great action, and just the right hint of mystery.

Even though it is a first issue, it might not be the best jumping on point for folks who are new to the Buffy-verse (I would suggest Dark Horse's Tales of the Slayer miniseries for that!). For casual fans of the show and diehards, however, it's a perfect start to what promises to be a wonderful new season.


Stefan Blitz said...

I just read the first issue and was pleasantly pleased that it felt like a "Season Premiere".

I also thought that for the first time in a Buffy-proper comic they used truly used the unlimited budget that only comics can bring. Georges Jeanty's art was magnificent, capturing the essence of every character without it being stiff from photo-reference.

Highly recommended!