Patton Oswalt is a writer, stand-up comedian and actor. He can be seen weekly on CBS Television’s King of Queens and will be appearing next in theater’s in Blade Trinity. Patton was gracious enough to spare a few minutes from his busy schedule to answer some questions.

How did you get into stand up?

I did an open mike July 18, 1988 at Garvin's in Washington, D.C.

Growing up, who were your influences in comedy and how did they affect your style?

Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and Jonathan Winters. The first two made me schizophrenic and the third one confirmed it.

You were a writer for the first two seasons of MAD TV. Was that a positive experience?

It was positive in the negative way it affected me.

How did you land the part of Spence on King of Queens?


I think what makes King of Queens so unique is that it’s really dark and mean spirited at times and somehow comes across under the radar as a regular sitcom. Is it a fun set?

Completely. No egos, and every March we go to Vegas and get drunk.

You’ve had small parts in a number of films including Magnolia, Man in the Moon,ZoolanderStarsky and Hutch. Do you have any desire to play the lead in a film or do you prefer being a character actor? and

Character actor. You don't have to work out.

You’ve worked with writer/director David S. Goyer on both Zig Zag and in the upcoming Blade Trinity. Can you kick Wesley Snipes’ ass?

In my sleep.

Feelin’ Kinda Patton, your first comedy album is in stores now and is hysterical. Are you satisfied with it or are you hyper-critical of your own work?

I'm hyper-critical of how brilliant and flawless it is.

What make you laugh?

Being tickled while on E.

You’re also a big comic book fan. Was it a dream come true to contribute to Batman #600 and then write a Justice League graphic novel?

It was a wet dream come true.

You wrote a brilliant essay on your website (www.pattonoswalt.com) about the exploits of 1980’s teen villain Billy Zabka (Karate Kid, Back to School, Just One of the Guys), In “The Johnny Lawrence Stoy”. Did you ever hear from Zabka?

Not yet. I'm waiting.

You have an upcoming Comedy Central special No Reason to Complain. When’s it airing and any plans for a follow up comedy album?

I don't know, and yes.

What are your seminal influences?

It can all be traced back to Phil Collins' No Jacket Required.