This interview was considered "lost" after several computer snafu's and the long-in-hiatus return of FOG! We're happy to have located it and are even more happy to recommend Bruce in Spider-Man 3 and appearing in the latest television commercials for Old Spice cologne.

Bruce Campbell is not only one of the founders of Renaissance Pictures, but he is also a Renaissance man, writing, acting, directing and producing both film and television. With his distinct voice, impressive chin and rabid cult following, Bruce was kind enough to talk to FOG!

You tend to have a very blue-collar attitude toward the entertainment industry, treating your work as a job as opposed to "glitz and glamour". Are you happier working in the industry with some recognition and an incredibly devoted and faithful following as opposed to being a "movie star" whose every movement is tracked by paparazzi and is documented for the public's consumption?

Yeah, because then I can just be an actor. If you maintain a healthy amount of anonymity, you never lose sight of why you are an actor in the first place - for the fun of it. Once you lose that, it's all over.

Growing up in the
suburbs of Detroit, you made films regularly with Sam and Ted Raimi, Josh Becker, Scott Spiegel and later, Robert Tapert. When you reunite with any of these people in a work environment, is there a different atmosphere and/or shorthand than you encounter on other sets?

Oh, sure, you can't help that. I just did a film called Alien Apocalypse with a pal, Josh Becker who I met in 8th grade study hall. We work well together because we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

You've made mention in the past and it's also evident in some of the
physical humor that you've performed that the Three Stooges have been an influence on you. In your opinion, which Stooge has been the greatest personal influence to you and why?

Well, I don't know about "personally," but "comedically," I'm a big fan of Shemp - he was always underrated.

With several cancelled cult television series (Strangers with Candy, Firefly) being resurrected as feature films, would you have an interest in reprising Brisco County Jr. for the big screen?

Sure, but that's assuming somebody at three different companies wakes up in the morning and decides to get it done - these things don't "do" themselves. Old TV shows generally age like fish.

You've spent
years trying to get your screenplay The Man With The Screaming Brain produced. You recently completed directing - producing - writing and starring in the project for the Sci-Fi Channel. What's it about and after having worked on it for so long, are you happy with the finished product?

It's a horror/sci-fi flick where an American Capitalist gets the brain of a Russian Communist in his head and the two must learn to live together in order to extract revenge on a Gypsy woman who killed them both. I'm happy with the end results,
but I'm itching to show it to humans.

Your autobiography If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a 'B' Movie Actor was a hit. What can you tell us about your latest tome, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way?

Well, it'll cost the same! Actually, it's a fictional romp through the whacky world of Hollywood with me as a central character.

You recently played Elvis Presley in the cult hit, Bubba Ho-Tep opposite the great Ossie Davis (as J.F.K.). You portrayed Elvis as an old man, something that has never been done before. What's the secret to playing the King and is there any truth to the rumored sequel, Bubba

The secret is singing in the shower a lot and melting under lots of make-up - it makes you feel old and crabby! The
re is some truth to the rumor, but nothing to write about yet...

Besides directing series television and now features, you have also made documentaries including Fanalysis and the more recent, A Community Speaks which deals with land stewardship issues in Southern Oregon. With much of your career in front of the camera, what draws you to directing, and in particular, documentary filmmaking?

I like "job rotation" just like the next sap. I get tired of doing the same things all the time, but mainly, I like taking what I've learned about filmmaking and applying it
toward subjects I'm interested in.

Sam Raimi has said that you are the best reverse actor in Hollywood. What is reverse acting and what makes you the best at it?

Well, you only understand that if you've been in a Sam Raimi movie. The point is, he used to shoot things backwards in order for a certain special effect to work, so I had to learn to perform backwards so that when you reversed the film, it still looked normal.

You've appeared in over fifty films and among the cult characters you've portrayed are Ash Williams, Elvis Presley, Brisco County Jr, Autoclycus and the Surgeon General of Beverly Hills. What kind of popular culture; films, literature, music do you enjoy?

I like 70s music - the finest decade in my opinion. I read almost all nonfiction because I get plenty of fantasy in my every day job.




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