Chances are you know more about Henry Hill's life than he'd like. A former mobster who joined the Witness Protection Program, Mr. Hill saw his life brought to the silver screen in Martin Scorsese's film Goodfellas, where he was portrayed by actor Ray Liotta. We managed to track him down and ask him a few questions.

How accurate was Martin Scorsese’s depiction of your world in his film, Goodfellas?

From my outlook of that world Marty was ninety-five percent on the money. He saw that world and portrayed it in a way that the average person doesn't get a chance to ever see.

Do you think that Ray Liotta’s portrayal of you at that point of your life accurate?

Yes! Ray couldn't of done a better job playing me at that point of my life! No one could have done a better job. At that time I was coaching DeNiro daily and my wife was having our first child, so I did not speak with Ray at all during the filming. Given that, he did a superb job! The best!

What do you think of the Sopranos?

Personally I think the show hits the mark. It portrays that world exactly as it is. You have made guys running around the Network killing their fiancĂ©e’s, because that’s what needs to be done. I think that says it all!!!

There has been talk of a sequel to Goodfellas. Are you involved with it?

Absolutely! It is in the early stages. Warner Bros. has first right of refusal. So it’s a wait and see.

There already has been a sequel of sorts, My Blue Heaven. How did this come about and how accurate was it to your post-Mob life?

(Nick Pileggi’s) wife Nora Ephron had written My Blue Heaven not as a sequel to Goodfelllas, but more as a spoof. If I remember correctly, My Blue Heaven was written first.

You recently re-watched the film and recorded a commentary track for the GoodfellasSpecial Edition DVD. When you see the film does it feel like you are watching your past or someone else’s life altogether?

Someone else's life for sure. It's been twenty-five years since I've left that world and my life today and the life back then have nothing in common. The film rekindles some unpleasant memories for me, some of which are better forgotten, but that’s the way that it was. My life today is much better. I really am blessed.

Your children recently wrote a book, On the Run: A Mafia Childhood. Have you read it, and do you think it's a fair assessment of their experience?

I haven't as of yet, but I will definitely be picking it up real soon.

What’s next for Henry Hill?

I plan on something a little more spiritual. Some Yoga or Zen or maybe something altogether cosmic.


Anonymous said...

why hasn't this guy been whacked yet?

Anonymous said...

because anyone who wants to is now old, dead, or can't find him - he is under a new name you know. witness protection program ring any bells?

Anonymous said...

A rat is a rat.

Anonymous said...

I hear he was busted for drugs and left(or was thrown out of) the WPP.

Anonymous said...

Yes he was taken out of the witness protection program for numerous crimes that he did while under the w.p.p. and obviously he doesnt have a new name because he's still Henry Hill, everyone knows what he looks like and hes a celebrity so there is no hiding his identity. I dont see why he should be "whacked" maybe you would have done the same being in his situation. But also the people who probably wanted him dead have already died or just given up on their gangster life because they are too old and they've got more to live for.

Anonymous said...

You know- I have always been fascinated with the mob- and have watched movie after movie after movie. Did a research paper on Lucky Luciano. I know these people are real people- but evil is evil- AND what they DO is evil. These basically are "wannabe's who never had any confidence in their individual abilities to actually make something of themselves in an honest way. OR men/women who grew up around a lifestyle of taking from those who really work to make a living instead of stealing. A Thief is a thief- and a low life is a low life. Either way- these people are scum and deserve what awaits them at the end of their lives- I call it- Burning fire...... God really is a God of justice in the end.

Esche (technically) said...

If a reporter would like to schedule an interview with him, what would be the best way to go about it?