The website has been a bit overwhelming, but it's definitely worth it. All of the contributors are doing really great work and I think overall, it's going to be fantastic.

Sooooo...I figured I'd tempt you all with some of the interviews already lined up:

Patton Oswalt, Brian Henson, Mark Waid, Charles Napier, Geoff Johns, Dr. David Jacobs, Michael J. Nelson, Jeph Loeb, Matt Wagner, Tera Patrick, Erik Larsen, Brian K. Vaughn, Henry Hill, Dom DeLuise, Rip Taylor, Gary Baseman, Shane Glines, Dane Cook and the inimitable Walter Simonson!

And, for your entertainment pleasure, is a brief exchange between myself and a writer who will not be contributing to the site. His column was how Kurt Cobain was the voice for an entire generation and the answer to the Supreme Question:

(Responding to a comment that not every celebrity dies from either self-destruction or after fading into obscurity to which I provided some examples of celebrities who did neither):

"For what it is worth - here is my response to your comments:"

"The Supreme Question is something I had planned to further explore in later columns as well as the person who "has potential" - something to get the reader to come back."

"I don't know who George Harrison was"

I suggested that he google Mr. Harrison:

"You are right, a google search on George Harrison produces a lot of links (more so than Kurt Cobain even). I'll look a little deeper into it at some point to see if he "faded away" at all before his death, since that is the question at hand. There has been no immediate evidence either way."

As always, submission info is available at www.forcesofgood.com. Please be better than this.


stennie said...

Well, don't leave us hangin', man, who IS this George Harrison character of whom you speak?

Jax said...

Rip Taylor?? Awesome - how'd you line that one up!? I'll be giving you a call over the weekend - hopet things are well - I'm still working on Column 2 and 3.