Well, it's been an overwhelming weekend and sadly, the blog has been ignored. A major decision concerning the site has been decided, it's now a monthly. On the other hand, I've got several new columnists who are all bringing some really great stuff to the site.

I am also looking for more writers to cover such genres as comics, sports (no team sports, just the oddball stuff), literature, hip hop, board games, candy, conspiracy theories, advertising, beer, computers, geek culture, gambling, skateboarding, wrestling, Elvis, carnivals, dvds, B-movies, retro-futurism, cryptozoology, grrl power, Star Wars, Star Trek,1939 World's Fair, pop icons (James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Homer Simpson, etc.), or even an analysis of cable only tv programming (HBO, Showtime, FX, etc.) and/or anything else interesting that you can come up with. If you know anyone that loves any of these subjects, please direct them to www.forcesofgood.com for complete submission info.

I've also been watching the first season of Showtime's DEAD LIKE ME and just started Greg Rucka's QUEEN & COUNTRY novel.

And today's comic book day, which is nice.

More soon.