There are few places on Earth that I love more than the City of Brotherly Love itself, Philadelphia. I spent six years or so in the city and miss it immensely. Now's your chance to get a little piece of pretzel and cheesesteak with our It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia giveaway!

Returning for it's third season on FX this September 13th, IASIP has some major antics and highjinks to look forward to include the gang finding a live baby in a dumpster, the gang trying out for the Philadelphia Eagles and everyone being held hostage at Paddy's Bar.

We have several prizes to give away including t-shirts and posters. To enter, please send an email with the subject heading "PHILLY" to forcesofgood at gmail dot com by midnight September 12th EST.

One entry per person and winners are chosen at random.

FOG! will have a full review in the coming weeks of the first two seasons of IASIP as well as the first four episodes of season 3.

And for all you college kids out there, check out the Sunny Road Trip Experience where you get a chance to appear in a scene with the gang. There are still several major cities left on the tour, so if you get the opportunity to check it out, by all means do so!

Wednesday, 9/5

Market: Chicago

College: U of Illinois-Chicago

Time/Location 10a-5p (still finalizing time) North end of Lecture Center Plaza (near Student Center East)

Friday, 9/7

Market: Washington DC

College: U of Maryland

Times: 11a-4p

Monday, 9/10

Market: Philadelphia

College: U of Pennsylvania

Time/Location: 11a-4p U PENN Bookstore at 36th Street & Walnut Street

Wednesday, 9/12

Market: New York

College: Hofstra U

Time/Location: 11a-4p The Mack Student Center

Thursday, 9/13

Market: Boston

College: Boston U

Time/Location: 11a-4p Marsh Plaza near George Sherman Union (GSU) on Commonwealth Avenue