I've been trying to get through stacks of dvds, books and comics the last few weeks, and did manage to catch a few of the Summer television series. I really like the concept of a finite series, call it a mini-series or whatever, but a story ultimately can only be judged by it's resolution. That's why I hope Lost will succeed by having a definitive end as opposed to the many series that I loved that fell apart as it had little or no sense of where it would ultimately end up (X-Files, anyone?)

I just watched the first three hours of the eight hour The Kill Point, a Spike television series set during a standoff following a botched heist by a group of U.S. soldiers, having recently returned from Iraq. The cast is full of familiar B and C list faces including Donnie Wahlberg, John Leguizamo and Tobin Bell, all of whom deliver solid performances.

The two-part series finale airs this Sunday, August 26th and all of the episodes appear to be available at ifilm. Having watched the first three episodes in one sitting, I'm pretty excited to see how this turns out. The Kill Point represents what a finite series should be: fun, entertaining and completely satisfying.