One of the freshest voices of eighties pop culture, writer/director/animator Savage Steve Holland will be making his first theatrical film in eighteen years. Holland, best known for his films Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer and his Fox Kids animated series Eek! The Cat has spent the last several years directing television for the Disney Channel.

His new film, The Big One 3, is semi-autobiographical, completing his trilogy (and hopefully reuniting with former leading man John Cusack and co-star Curtis Armstrong) started over two decades ago. The Big One 3 is a family comedy centering on a father who will do whatever he can to make his 13-year-old son's birthday special because his was a disaster.

According to producer Warren Zide, "This is based on a true events in Savage's life. When he was a kid, he had his 13th birthday party and the only one that showed up was a clown, and all that that guy did was hit on his sister."

Now that Savage Steve is back, maybe the enigmatic John Hughes will return as well...