Nothing has propelled the collectible market more than eBay. Originally focusing on Pez memorabilia, eBay has become the online auction house and has introduced an entire subculture of online auctions.

This week I attended the sixth annual eBay Live! convention in Boston and found it to be an interesting experience. In some ways, it is very reminiscent of a comic book or sci-fi convention. There are panels, signings, guest speakers and exhibitors. The main difference is that many of the attendees aren't casual shoppers, but rather sellers, whose main priority in such a show is both networking and putting a face to their business partner, eBay.

Among some of the exhibitors were The United States Post Office, UPS, PayPal, Yahoo, Avanquest Software, VistaPrint, and Wiley

I have to say that my biggest surprise was the passion that people had toward eBay as a brand label as I watched customers shop in a packed eBay brand store. eBay has defined itself and is now synonymous with online auctions. It became pleasantly apparent while attending the show that eBay recognizes that it's community is truly it's greatest asset.


Garrett Faber! said...

Dang, i wanna get that eBay shirt!