Sad news runs across the net today with the reported death of pop culture genius, Daniel Robert Epstein. It's been reported that the master interviewer was found in his Astoria, NY home this morning, cause of death yet unknown. Epstein was only 31 years old.

I didn't know Dan Epstein, but I felt like I did, from reading countless interviews that he posted all over the web, from Newsarama to Suicide Girls to UnderGroundOnline.

The astonishing number of interviews that Epstein posted was only rivaled by the truly unbelievable quality of those interviews. Truly a pop culture aficionado, Epstein could post an interview on Suicide Girls with Lady Sovereign and then follow it a few hours later with mini-comics phenom, Kevin Huizenga. From Marty Krofft to Stan Lee to Gerard Butler to Al Franken to Travis Barker to Lily Tomlin, Epstein covered them all.

And not one of those interviews was ever boring, they were never trite, never predictable. He made the interviews conversations. He made the subject comfortable and the reader intrigued.

Daniel Robert Epstein will be missed.

Here is a much more eloquent note on his passing.

Go here for a brief sampling of his Suicide Girls interviews.

Probably the last interview that Dan did, with Ghost Rider director Mark Steven Johnson. (via Newsarama)

An interview with one of my favorite genre/cult actors Ron Perlman. (via Newsarama)