Can't wait for Jackass 3???

Then, fire up the PlayStation because the Johnny, Bam, Steve-O, Pontius, Dunn, Wee Man and the rest are coming home. The Jackass crew have lent their names, likenesses and will provide original dialogue for the game, which will be essentially a series of mini-games, creating their own episodes of the series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "among the 35 stunts gamers will be able to set up are bumper car races across New York rooftops, unicycling though a construction site, rolling down San Francisco streets in a trash can and destroying a golf course with a golf cart. Price said the original TV series was the primary inspiration for the game, if just for the amount of stunts that were done during its run that the team could look to for design ideas. Only a couple of stunts in the game are actually from the show, with the rest designed to go beyond what could be done with actual people that needed to survive until at least the next episode."

Jackass-frontman Johnny Knoxville explained, "We're excited as all hell about it. It is kind of odd that people will take on our personas and depressing that they're going to have to do that. We've never really worked on anything like this before. This is our first video game. We just hope that our video game is as crappy as our movies."

And if it is successful, will there be a Jackass the Videogame 2? "We would love for it to become a game franchise. There's a never-ending amount of stupid things you can do to yourself or your bro, so the content will be there."