One of the first images that DC released related to Countdown and the event(s) its counting down to was a spread that apparently takes place in New York City, with a tumbled Statue of Liberty supporting a wide cast of characters.

Some of the many teasers in this image are the apparent rift between Green Arrow and Black Canary; the Atom's hand reaching out of the rubble; a Legion flight ring in the rubble; Red Robin from Ross and Waid's Kingdom Come; Mister Miracle and Big Barda of the New Gods; possibly the Barry Allen Flash; an Elseworlds Batman; an emo Superman; and of course, many of the casualties of the last two years worth of events in the DCU.

Finally, one thing that some observers have noted is the fact that while the main cities of the DCU are based on NYC, Gotham and Metropolis supplant NY for the company's flagship titles. Since NYC seems to be so prominently featured here, along with a tumbled Statue of Liberty, signs seem to be pointing to the future world as seen in Kamandi - another Kirby classic.

Oh! And here's one more pic of those buttons, with the final "Darkseid Rules" button included: