The sixth most famous man in Kazakhastan, television reporter Borat Sagdiyev is coming back to the United States, this time as a print journalist.

Borat has signed a book deal with Flying Dolphin Press, an imprint of Random House Inc.'s Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group.

According to Suzanne Herz, publisher of Flying Dolphin Press, it will be two books in one -- one half a guide to the United States for Kazakhs and the other half a guide to Kazakhstan for Westerners.

The book, to be released in hardcover, will have a dual title: Borat: Touristic Guidings To Minor Nation of U.S. and A. and Borat: Touristic Guidings To Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.



Jonny the Monkey said...


I be Jonny the Monkey, #1 celebrity in all Kazakhstan. Good friend Borat - who call Jonny favorite televisions star on his Myspaces page - actually #4 most famous celebrity, not #6 like you say...

I be #1 most famous, #2 is glorious leader Premier Nazarbayev, #3 ex-Olympic gymnast Lily Utmarkan (now in circus), and #4 is Kazakhstan journalist Borat.

But maybe Borat move up in rankings after make publish of book! :)

Jonny hope mentioned in new tour book, since me most successful star in Kazakhstan for childrens TV show and also for many porno film.

Me want to be great internationals star like Borat, but unfortunate newest film "Teletubbies Porno" not get good review in U.S. and A...

However it great success in all 7 Kazakhstan movie theaters! Porno film break all box offices earning for this year and so fars make more than 300 of your U.S. dollars! *High Five*

Great success also mean many sold-out theater showings which result in four streets riot in capital city! That be even more riotings than last year when woman caught sneak into voting booth!


NOTE: This comment was 'hand signed' by Jonny the Monkey to his gypsy assistant Batyr, who then translated and typed those words here.