Is there such thing as reality art? Can a band survive together in a plastic bubble? Will John Travolta be trapped in his cocoon forever?

The band
Cartel apparently hopes so, as they plan to seal themselves in a giant transparent bubble in New York, entering during a live MTV broadcast on May 24th and will stay enclosed until June 12th when the bubble "bursts," in time for a live concert featuring new material composed during their stay. The entire event will be streamed live at drpepperbubble.com and will be the subject of a four part reality series on MTV.

Six weeks after the event, Cartel's bubble-recorded album, the follow up to CHROMA, will be released.

Will the sophomore slump hit Cartel for the entire world to see? It will be interesting to see the creative process under such scrutiny, as well as the opportunity to see if intensity of being literally under a microscope leads to success.

Dah dah dah dummmmmm......