Reebok recently announced the release of a Voltron inspired sneaker collection to be released this coming October. Each pair of shoes have colorways matching that of one of the pieces of Voltron. The shoes to be released are;

Pump Omni Lite: inspired by the colors of the Yellow Lion and its pilot Hunk

Ventilator: inspired by the Blue Lion and Princess Allura

Insta Pump Fury: inspired by the Red Lion and pilot Lance Charles McClain

ERS Racer: inspired by the Green Lion and Pilot Pidge

Court Victory Pump: inspired by the Black Lion and Commander Keith Akira Kogane, leader of the Voltron force!

A different pair of shoes will be released every few weeks, starting with the Pump Omni Lites and the Ventilators (The yellow and blue legs), followed by the Pump Fury's and Ers Racers (The red and green arms) and finally, the Court Victory Pumps (The black body) to complete the collection.

The shoes will also come with the corresponding toy, so to collect all the pieces of Voltron you're going to have to buy every pair.