Hey all - put your spoiler glasses on! If you don't want a view into the upcoming Spider-Man 3, READ NO FURTHER!


Today, in the mail, I received a Shop at Home catalogue from Hasbro Toys. Among many of the new releases from the company was a 4 page section dedicated to the upcoming Sony release, Spider-Man 3. One of the main collections of action figures that Hasbro will apparently be releasing is a Villains Collection, which features the Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus from the previous films and two other villains who have not appeared in either film or have been seen in the trailers for the upcoming third film. In order to not spoil this for those who don't want to know, I have posted the pics on my own blog.

So, if you are interested in seeing those, please click here and here for the reveal and scans of the page in question.

Now, this could be a mistake, or it could be something that is actually planned for a future film. I believe that the first pic is probably going to appear in this flick and the character in the second is a possible design for a future film. This could be common knowledge for a possible plot development, but this is the first I am aware of an image appearing supporting the rumors of this character's appearance.

You decide!