Today is my only day off this week and I planned on doing nothing (which means lots of little projects). Despite drifting off to sleep around four a.m. rewatching the remake of Dawn of the Dead, I was remarkably alert when I got a call from Kristen, my webmistress extraordinaire. We talked about the site a bit (still coming, I promise) and made plans to see the Tim Burton Wonka movie despite our shared reservations. I also confessed to her an embarassing high school incident in English class how we were discussing euthenasia and how I pretty much assumed that the teacher was talking about Asian youths.

At that point I realized that I was up and despite my better judgement I was going to have a productive day.

It's five p.m. and I haven't produced anything of merit.

Unlike Ms. Spears.

On that note, I'm going to watch some tv.


Bradley said...

Good to see you're back. Still waiting for "The Return of the FoG"

joe.pascone said...

FINALLY! Good to see you back in the ether.

I should make you suffer through my Maggot script as payment. Of course, seeing as how your e-mail to me somehow wound up in my spam folder, I think the universe is hip to karma and I'll back off on that threat.