Tuesday Night Update

It's been a really, really long week of work and I am exhausted. I have this Wednesday and Thursday off and might head up to Boston for the MacExpo. But, most likely I'll be extremely lazy both days. I did see the Fantastic Four this weekend and am even more embarassed that despite it not being very good, I did enjoy it a bit.

The Hornby book is slow going and I want to finish it by the weekend so I can start Harry Potter without this as a distraction.

I'm also planning on finishing Season Five of the Sopranos from Netflix and Million Dollar Baby which despite repeated recommendations, I've had little interest.

Reviews for Fantastic Four, Million Dollar Baby and All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder by Frank Miller and Jim Lee later this week.

It's late. I'm tired and have to be at work around 8.

I'll be back soon. Promise.


Why We Type said...

Personally, I can't get it up at all for F4. I am however, two chapters into HPot, and once again, I'm hooked.

I went to the San Diego ComiCon Friday, and thought of you. I met graphic comic guy James Kochalka, author of Pinky & Stinky and recently Super F*ckers. The Mrs. and I got the the job of making a TV pilot of Pinky & Stinky for Klasky-Csupo. Haven't started work yet, but it was nice to meet the guy in person.

Get some rest.

Shane Bailey said...

Yeah, the Hornby book is going slow for me too. I usually speed through his books. It could be the fact that I'm reading a bunch of other stuff now, but so far I'm not enjoying it as much as his others.