Well, it's a day off from the retail grind, but an awful lot of magazine/site work to do.

Plus, Scrubs is on tonight.

Scrubs is a show that I really, really like. It's sharp, it's funny, it's strange.

And I never watch it.

I'm one of those bastards that is waiting to see it on dvd. And I can't wait. I missed the season premiere (which I wanted to watch even more considering I really liked Garden State), missed it, downloaded it, watched it and loved it.

Watch Scrubs. It's good shit.


Anonymous said...

The fact that John McGinley (Dr. Cox) hasn't received so much as an Emmy NOMINATION for his work on SCRUBS is all the proof I need that the Emmys are a waste of time.

SCRUBS is the best show on television that I rarely get to watch. It's annoying. I missed about half of last season, just because there was always so much other stuff piling up on TiVo. This year, I'm trying to make room for it.


Stefan Blitz said...

I've caught the first two this year, and Scrubs is so magical, it even is able to make Heather Graham funny.