Are you smart? Funny? Creative?

Do you write?

I'm currently starting a web site that focuses on pop culture in the form of an online magazine. Each bi-weekly issue will feature articles, reviews and interviews. In addition, there will be 20-25 columns, each in the hands of a different writer. I'm looking for smart and creative people with a love of pop culture in one of it's many incarnations to develop a column that they would like to write on a regular basis.

Areas that one can contribute are as follows:

• If you want to write a regular column, spots are still available but are filling up. What this means is a commitment to one column every other week of 1,500-2,000+ words reflecting, analyzing, loving, hating an aspect of popular culture. Please email me if you are interested and we can determine if your ideas click with the editorial direction of the magazine. If you have a vision for the kind of column you'd like to write, send it to me.

• If you want to write reviews, please submit 1-2 paragraph long reviews in any of the following subjects: books, comics, dvd, movies, television, cds, or video games. Also include a rating of Don't miss, recommended, worth your time, eh or avoid. Send them to me about anything. I want to build up a database and would love anything you want to contribute.

• If you have an interest in conducting interviews, please get in touch with me concerning the interviewee and we can discuss the viability of the subject and/or interview. I have almost 20 of them lined up, but if anyone knows anyone who knows anybody, let me know. (For instance, if your grandmother's best friend is Scott Baio's mother, call me)

• Feature articles will average 3,500+ words. If you have an old paper you once wrote about Duran Duran kicking dust around, this would be a good time to dust it off and revise it. Instead of one feature article and one interview weekly, we'll be publishing at least 2 of each. If you know anyone who has written anything about pop culture for a college class, or for fun, or who just has really, really wanted to write about "Small Wonder", send them my email.

• Send me feedback, ideas, et cetera. I'm still looking for contributors, so let people know. If you have anyone that you've always wanted to talk to, let's interview them!

If this is of interest to you, please let me know as soon as possible. Please drop me a line and tell me some ideas about subjects that you'd want to write about. If you feel fairly confident about that answer, go ahead and send me some writing samples and/or a future column.

If you know someone who is smart and funny who writes, please pass along the info.

Please consider what level of involvement you'd like to have, if any with the site and let me know as soon as possible.


Stefan Blitz