One night about a month back I was channel surfing and came across the pilot to "The Venture Brothers" on Cartoon Network. One part Jonny Quest, one part the Tick, one part Freakazoid! and one more part of Jonny Quest,

Cockpits and Booby Traps. The Venture Brothers are two hot-blooded, all-American teens who spend most of their time hopping from one whirlwind adventure to the next. Along with their caustic and self-centered father, Doctor Venture, the brothers have the uber-spy Brock Samson to protect them and the robot H.E.L.P.eR to, well...help them. Beset on all sides by inept enemies and strange goings-on, the Venture Brothers have to do all they can to make it out in one piece! Which really isn't much...

It's on the Cartoon Network, Saturdays at 11 pm on Adult Swim. Check it out. It's funny.