I just want to give a shout out to my cousin, the ever talented Evan Gore and his wife Heather Lombard who write for cartoons. Evan and Heather have written for Futurama, Lilo & Stitch, the Weekenders, Ozzy & Drix, Jimmy Neutron and currently Dave the Barbarian. Check out their site here

I haven't seen Evan in years but I remember he was reading the X-Men long before anyone else I knew and he does magic better than Siegfried or Roy (especially Roy. He really wasn't that good in hindsight, was he?)


J.F. said...

"Talented Family"? You must of came from the shallow end of the family gene pool....

God help us all now that you're blogging!

(keep it up, buddy. Nice Spiderman 2 review, btw)