Comic book guru, Ryan H. Jackson writes in with his new DC Comics creative teams:

Superman: by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark

Classic Superman as the solo hero, co-starring the real characters that matter: Ma and Pa Kent, Jimmy Olsen, Lois, Perry. Brubaker can get to the heart of this character and Lark’s art harkens back to the Golden Age of the hero. Primary colors dominate the color scheme.

Batman & Robin: by Paul Dini, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

Read Batman: The Long Halloween. Watch the first season of Batman: The Animated Series. ‘Nuff said.

Wonder Woman: by Gail Simone and Michael Turner

Female action with the king of the female form.

The Flash: by Darwyn Cooke (co-plotted and scripted by Brad Meltzer)
Read DC: The New Frontier; this guy is amazing!

Action Comics: by Geoff Johns and Ed McGuinness

This is Superman’s family book - It stars Superman in big adventures with anyone Johns and McGuinness want to use from the entire DCU. This is a playground for two of the best in the business. Big stories, big art, big casts.

Detective Comics Starring: by Greg Rucka and Frank Miller (covers by Alex Maleev)

This is a 32-page comic split into three stories, Rucka plots, Miller scripts, Miller art; Dark Knights co-stars Batman and someone from the Bat-universe like the 70s Marvel Team-Ups, i.e. Batman and Huntress, Batman and Catwoman, Batman and the Birds of Prey, Batman and the Question. Nightwing stars Nightwing in Gotham (forget Bludhaven, even though it worked for his own title.) And, GCPD starring the excellent cast of characters from Gotham Central. These stories, although separate, all tie in together in sort of a Rashomon sort of storytelling technique.

Adventure Comics: by Brian K. Vaughn/Brian Michael Bendis and Alan Davis/Mark Bagley

Another 32-page comic with two features: Aquaman by Vaughn and Davis and Green Arrow by Bendis and Bagley. Who better to write the wise-ass Ollie Queen than Bendis??

The Brave and the Bold: by Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch (covers by Brian Bolland)

This takes the place of JLA/Justice League of America but serves the same purpose . . . mostly. It has a rotating cast of Justice League members that are needed for whatever specific threat faces the world for any given story arc. Once a year this book crosses over with Justice Society for two 64- page Annuals.

Justice Society: by Grant Morrison and Bruce Timm (covers by Dave Johnson)
Mind blowing stories + retro-art = Superb Comics! Crosses over once a year with The Brave and the Bold for the second of two 64-page Annuals. If you don’t think Morrison’s stories work with animation style art, check out Vertigo’s Sea Guy.

New Gods: by Mark Millar and Jim Lee
Millar free to run wild in Kirby’s Fourth World throwing in as much crazy sh*t as possible. Picture Lee’s Darkseid duking it out with Orion and Mister Miracle.

Teen Titans: by Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis
Bendis knows teenagers; check out Reis’s work on Action Comics - stunning!

Mystery in Space starring the Green Lantern Corps: by Warren Ellis and Dave Gibbons
Green Lantern . . . all of them! Hal, Kyle, Guy, Killowog, the Guardians, the Manhunters and even Sinestro, in any form that Ellis wants to take it. Quarterly back-up stories featuring the Legion of Super-heroes. Gibbons is the definitive Green Lantern artist - and yes, I am including Gil Kane in my decision!

Strange Adventures: by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart/Mike Mignola (covers by Matt Wagner)
32-page comic with two features: Martian Manhunter by Stewart and Swamp Thing by Mignola

Weird War Tales: by Brian Azzerello/Eduardo Risso; by Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips
Sgt. Rock and Easy Company by Azzerello and Risso; The Unknown Soldier by Brubaker and Phillips.

DC: Infinite Universes: by Alan Moore and Neal Adams (covers by Alex Ross)

Whatever they want, whenever they want, in any damn format they want. Preferably in DC’s Tabloid size format like the Alex Ross/Paul Dini books.