MARLON BRANDO 1924 - 2004

"The most repulsive thing you could ever imagine is the inside
of a camel's mouth. That and watching a girl eat octopus or squid."

- Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando has passed away at the age of eighty.

He will always be the Wild One, the Godfather, Kurtz, Terry Malloy, Jor-El, Sky Masterson, Colonel Kurtz, Dr., Moreau and in one of my favorite performaces, Carmine Sabatini a.k.a. Jimmy the Toucan in "The Freshman".

In the coming days everyone will be talking about is talent and his influences of method acting on the world.

I'm going to reread his book length interview, Conversations With Brando, where you really get a sense of what a crazy son of a bitch he really is.